Majan Glass Company bestowed with ‘Omani Quality Mark’

As a result of its consistent performance in commercial and industrial markets in the Sultanate, Majan Glass Company SAOG has been bestowed with ‘Omani Quality Mark’ by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry-Department of Specifications and Measurements at an event held yesterday at Crown Plaza Hotel Muscat.

Anwar Ali Sultan, chairman of the company, received the award and certificate from Saud Nasser Al Khusaibi, director-general, Department of Specifications and Measurements, Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Expressing his happiness on being bestowed with the ‘Omani Quality Market’, Anwar Ali Sultan said “As the chairman of the company, I am in high spirits because of the laurels attained by the company over the past five years after the initial roadblocks it encountered in its first few years due to several factors including competition from plastic bottles factories and in establishing factories for the production of glass bottles in some countries. All these led to lowering prices by 70 per cent.”

Spelling out the success mantra of Majan Glass Company, Saud Nasser Al Khusaibi said “Majan Glass Company won the ‘Omani Quality Mark’ after fulfilling its commitment to all actions required that are enlisted in the Omani Quality Mark. It has passed all examinations and inspections to confirm the quality of its products as well as the safety of operating and maintaining the environment and public safety. I appeal to other companies to follow the same route as Majan’s.”

‘Oman Quality mark’ is a standard that differentiates products in terms of their quality and aims to protect consumers from fraud and deception.

“There is no doubt that receiving the ‘Omani Quality Mark’ for a product enhances credibility to our company and thus benefits our business because by way of this mark we are acquiring the confidence of our customers, thus providing us with an edge from the competition. We value reliability and always try to comply with standards. Needless to say our effort has paid off leading to increased sales, decreased stock and increased profits,” added Al Khusaibi.