Visitors Policy

Visitor / Contractor

In order to assure the safety of staff and visitors and to guarantee that there is no risk of contamination of our glass container food packaging product; visitors shall comply with the following guidelines.

  • All visitors must sign the guest book and fill in date, sign in and out time, and visitor ID card number issued by the security at gate.
  • Visitor shall clip the ID card and read and understand the food safety guidelines.
  • Visitors are subject to the same personal hygiene requirements as employees,
  • The personnel items shall be stored in pocket or purse.
  • No eating, smoking, chewing gum or spitting is allowed in the facility.
  • Visitors to the plant shall be required to be accompanied by an employee.
  • Visitors shall move around in restricted areas shown by yellow lines on the floor.
  • Visitors shall be restricted to pre-approved areas on the production floor.
  • No unaccompanied visitors are allowed near furnace and ISM areas.
  • Visitors, who are infected with diseases likely to be transmitted through food, or with open cuts or wounds, are not allowed in the plant areas where there is a likelihood of directly or indirectly contaminating the glass product.
  • Visitors will be issued gloves or they can wash or sanitize their hands.
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry any articles, containers, dangerous goods, or prescription drugs into the production facility.
  • The number of visitors is limited to 8 per group.
  • Plant Tours shall be setup by prior appointment only.